You may like my paintings if, as a child, you begged your mother to howl like a coyote, or favored the zoo over Disneyland, or read National Geographic with a flashlight in bed.

You may like my paintings, if, as an adult, you prefer the call of a loon to a symphony or the smell of wet dog to perfume, or even, if you are a little bit interested in the connectedness of all beings.




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Sun Rising Moon Rising Vixen Rising Extravert / Introvert Tricksters Crossing Over Watchers Watching Contemplating Fireflies Dinner and a Show Dinner on Ice Keep your Head Down Dispute Surprise! Overlapping Boundaries Cunning Summer Night Fire Run Stealth The Exact Friction of Koi Tap Dancing Stars Before True Colors Balance of Ocean and Sky The Exact Friction of Koi Beauty and her Cosmic Dragons Opera of Comic Proportions Swallowtail Pity and Admiration Arroyo Park at Midnight Dolce Wiley and the Meteor Shower Wesley and the Deer Mice Paradoxes






2014 Lucia Douglas Gallery, “Lanny Little and Guest Artists Invitational,” Bellingham, WA
2014 Fourth Corner Frames and Gallery, “Abstraction of Form,” Bellingham, WA
2014 Allied Arts Gallery, “Membership Show,” Bellingham, WA
2014 Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Bird Festival Invitational,” Edison, WA
2013 Fourth Corner Frames, "Art of the Apocalypse," Bellingham, WA
2013 Lucia Douglas Gallery, "Postcards from Fairhaven," Fairhaven, WA
2013 Tashiro Kaplan Corridor Gallery, "EDGE 2007," Seattle, WA
2013 Allied Arts Gallery, "Inspired by the Written Word," Bellingham, WA
2013 Fourth Corner Frames, “Behind the Brush, Artists of Bellinghams,” Bellingham, WA
2013 Lightcatcher Museum, “Nature in the Balance,” Bellingham, WA
2013 Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Bird Festival Invitational,” Edison, WA
2012 Allied Arts Gallery, “Contemporary Representational Painting,” Bellingham, WA
2012 Whatcom Museum, “The Art Auction 2012,” Bellingham, WA
2012 WA State Convention Center, “A Celebration of Washington Artists, Seattle, WA
2012 Allied Arts Traveling Show, “Wild About Whatcom,” Bellingham, WA
2012 Allied Arts Gallery, “Membership Show,” Bellingham, WA
2011 Blue Horse Gallery, “He Said, She Said,” Bellingham, WA
2011 Blue Horse Gallery, “Art Among Us,” Bellingham, WA
2010 Blue Horse Gallery, “New Perspectives,” Bellingham, WA
2009 Blue Horse Gallery, “Public Hanging,” Bellingham, WA
2008 Mindport Gallery, “Off the Edge,” Bellingham, WA


2007 Edge Professional Development Program, Artist Trust of WA State, Bellingham, WA
1991 Scholarship, Anderson Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO


2002-03 Seattle Academy of Fine Art, Realist Painting Studies, Seattle, WA
1998-00 Metropolitan Community College, Painting Studies, Denver, CO
1986 Colorado State University, BFA, Fiber, Studied with Tom Lundberg, Ft. Collins, CO
1977-79 Bethany College, Fine Art Studies, Lindsberg, KS


2015 "Animal Spirits: Enjoying the Nightlife with Amy Armitage",
Adventures NW, Vol 10, Is. 4, P. 42, Winter 2015/16


2010-PRESENT Founding Member, 49th Parallel Artist Collective, Bellingham, WA
2007-2013  Founding Member, Bellingham Painting Critique Group, Bellingham, WA
2013 Artist Donation, Artist Trust Auction, Seattle, WA
2013 Artist Donation, Whatcom Museum Art Auction, Bellingham, WA
2012 Participant, Steamroller Block Printing Project, Anacortes, WA
2008 Public Arts Council, Volunteer Artist, Traffic Box Project, Bellingham, WA
2008 Board of Directors, Allied Arts of Whatcom County, Bellingham, WA




Amy Armitage lives in Bellingham, Washington, due to a chapter in a book titled, “The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America.”

She has a BFA degree in Fibers from Colorado State University, studied realist painting at The Seattle Academy of Fine Art, and completed The Edge Program through Artist’s Trust of Washington State.

Currently she wears red glasses, rides a blue bicycle, and resides happily in an orange house with her brown-eyed husband.




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